neo4django - User Documentation

neo4django is an Object Graph Mapper that let’s you use familiar Django model definitions and queries against the Neo4j graph database.

You can install the latest stable release from PyPi

> pip install neo4django

or get the bleeding-edge from GitHub.

> pip install -e git+


Getting Started

Configure your project to connect to Neo4j.

Writing Models

Define models to interact with the database.


Query against models in Neo4j.


Store and interact with users in Neo4j.

The Admin Interface

Use Django’s admin interface with Neo4j.

Writing Django Tests


Debugging & Optimization

Multiple Databases & Concurrency

Running the Test Suite


We love contributions, large or small. The source is available on GitHub- fork the project and submit a pull request with your changes.

Uncomfortable / unwilling to code? If you’d like, you can give a small donation on Gittip to support the project.

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